My sisters have been no help!

Dear Hillie

Last year, after the death of my son and 2.5 months later my mother, I had to move my father from Texas to Ohio due to dementia.  My sisters have been no help.  My younger sister told me to “Never call me again” when I asked her for $350 dollars to help move my dad. Now my father is in a psychiatric hospital being evaluated for placement in long term care due to the dementia.  My sister in now contacting me to find out what is going on via text even though I have had no contact with her this past year. She was rather cruel when she told me not to contact her any more and she has never apologised for the things she said. Do I owe her a response?  She was never close to my father and hasn’t helped him in any way. My older sister has just taken money from him and used his credit cards.  Thank you!

Hillie says:

What a tragic story, my heart goes out to you and thank goodness your father has one loving and caring daughter. No you don’t owe your sister a response but maybe she is having regrets about her behavior and this is her way of trying to get back in touch with you. Reply to her by text and give her all the relative facts about what has been going on with your father this year and see if she responds. As for the appalling actions of your older sister, I think you should contact your father’s credit card company, tell them what’s happened and ask for their advice. Also alert the doctors, nurses and security at the hospital to watch out for your sister in case she tries to extort money from your father again. I wish you the very best in these difficult times and well done for being so strong, attentive and caring for your father. Although he has dementia I’m sure he’s aware how much you have done and are doing for him.