Hillie’s lived a lot, loved a lot, and throughout her life has been the shoulder for many to cry on. Hillie works from the heart and no one has a bigger heart than Hillie.
Barbara Windsor

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A life much lived

Ask Hillie Marshall for her CV and she will tell you she is a QBE, for she is undoubtedly qualified by experience. In an extraordinarily eventful life, from working in hospitals to performing on stage; from being robbed at gunpoint in a forest to playing the Virgin Mary whilst pregnant; and from single-handedly bringing up her children to founding and running, for twenty two years, a most successful singles club Hillie has seen more than her fair share of trouble and strife. Undaunted Hillie has put her experience to good use by dispensing advice on TV, in newspapers, books and magazines and on the internet.

Above all Hillie is a good listener and for people who have difficulties in their relationships she devotes the time to understand, analyse and often help define the cause of the problem before reaching for a solution.

The Good Dating Guide

The Good Dating Guide

Hillie guides people of all ages through the complexities of human relationships

“She’s a natural, a real natural. People do not just see Hillie as the “lady in charge” but as a friend and confidante” – The Independent

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Agonise with Hillie

Agonise with Hillie

This book is a compilation of letters and answers, mostly from cyberspace.

“Hillie deals with issues in a down to earth, common sense and matter of fact way….”

Dr Edward Stonehill MD FRCPsych
Consultant Psychiatrist
Charter Nightingale Hospital & Harley Street London

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Hillie Marshall’s Guide To Successful Relationships

Hillie reveals the unwritten rules of dating and how to form a successful relationship, guiding us through the complexities of the dating game with a blend of practical advice, honesty and humour.

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