Margaret Thatcher

I am someone who celebrated Margaret Thatcher’s life today. I lived through the seventies which¬†were blighted by the trade unions holding the country to ransom, bleeding us dry. They all went on strike: miners, power workers, transport workers, funeral directors, refuge collectors with rubbish not collected for months and there were rats everywhere. During this time I was appearing in a musical called ‘The Great Waltz’ at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and I remember many nights when the theatre had no electricity and we performed the whole show by emergency lamps, barely lit.

Margaret Thatcher was voted in because she told the country she would stop the unions holding the country to ransom again and she did. She kept a tight rein on the purse strings, took broken Britain by the hand like a hospital matron of yester year and re-built the economy. We thrived and we won back the global respect we had lost.

She was a real leader and there were so many ways in which she allowed us to know what could be accomplished and what each of us could achieve. I felt proud to be British.