Torn Between Parents?

Dear Hillie:

My parents recently got divorced and feel very bitter about each other. I now live with my Mum and I almost feel I am being asked to choose between them; if I say too much about one I hurt the other! I want to talk about everything with both of them but I feel disloyal by letting Dad know what Mum’s doing and unfair to Mum by saying what a good time I’ve just had with Dad. Please help.

Hillie says:
This is your parents’ problem, not yours. You must feel free to talk about any part of your life to either parent without fear of offending them. Obviously be tactful and don’t set out to hurt them but just try to be yourself and enjoy your time with them. When you see your Dad tell him how much you’ve missed him and when you come home to Mum after a visit to Dad, give her an extra hug and let her know how much you love her. Give them time to get over the divorce and adjust to their new life and hopefully life will become more normal between them.