My Breasts Are Too Small!

Dear Hillie:

After breastfeeding my two children my breasts have almost disappeared. This really gets me down, I feel so unsexy. I cannot afford and wouldn’t really want surgery. Do any of the breast enlargement pills or creams actually work? Are there any other options? Please help !

Hillie says:

I’m afraid I have no knowledge at all about breast enlargement pills and creams and I suggest you ask your doctor for advice. I do know that you can buy wonderful breast enhancing bras that look very natural so why not try one of them for a start?

There are many beautiful women with tiny breasts, e.g. Kiera Knightley and I think a lot of what you are feeling is down to overwork and weariness looking after two children. If someone could look after your children for a day, take a break and pamper yourself at a spa or beauty salon as a Christmas present to yourself. Also, think of all your plus points and achievements and write them down. Have a good look and I’m sure you will soon realise there is a lot more to you than small breasts.

Finally many men, including my husband are completely turned off by large breasts and find them very unsexy!