I Want My Girlfriend’s Partner!

Dear Hillie :

Rachel and I have been friends since prep school and have always been very close. Recently I had to leave my flat and Rachel let me stay with her and her partner Andrew until I found a new flat. The more time I spent with Andrew, the more I knew we had something between us and last week, whilst Rachel was at work, we made love in their bed. Although Rachel is my best friend I feel Andrew could be the great love of my life. What shall I do?

Hillie says:

Move out at once! Rachel was a good friend to you when you had difficulties and you have totally abused her friendship; who needs enemies with a friend like you around! Also what sort of a man is Andrew to betray his girlfriend in her own bed under her own roof? If he can behave in this way to her then be assured he would probably do the same to you too. There are certain unwritten rules in life and one of them is ‘look but don’t touch a friend’s present or ex-partner’! If you have any loyal feelings left for your friend, you will make sure she never hears about any of this from either of you.