I Can’t Cope With Blind Dates!

Dear Hillie:

I’ve been single now for over four years since I broke up with my husband. I’m 37 and I’m scared I’ll never find someone else. My friends keep setting me up on blind dates which I find excruciating and I’ve also tried Internet dating but the men never turn out to be as good as they seem when you meet them in the flesh. I’ve tried speed dating and that didn’t work, are there any alternatives?

Hillie says:

Thank your friends for their efforts but tell them you want to give all blind dating, whether it’s through them, via the internet or speed dating, a miss for a while. Then take a deep breath, relax, make yourself a hot drink and make a conscious decision to stop feeling desperate to get a Date. Being desperate won’t help you and may well, although you probably think your feelings don’t show, put men off. Forget looking for a new partner and write down a wish list of everything you have ever wanted to do and start making them happen. You should try to widen your social circle and join in as many different pursuits as you can such as a health club, sports club, evening classes, amateur dramatics and a social events and holiday company such as Dinner Dates where you can make new single friends of both sexes. Meeting new people will open up all kinds of new avenues as you meet their friends and join in their activities. Once you begin feeling happy and fulfilled in yourself with a new circle of friends, who knows what will happen!