Flirt to Find your Valentine

The key to successful flirting is conveying to someone that you like them and having fun in the process. Your chosen ‘target’ will be attracted by your appearance, body language, the tone and style of your voice and of course by what you say. What you say could make all the difference so here are my four tips:

1. Playful teasing and a humorous exchange of insults!

Playful teasing allows you to increase the ‘personal’ content of your tête-à-tête, keeping a light-hearted tone, disclosing more and being intimate in a non-threatening way. Once you feel comfortable you can add a good-humoured exchange of insults which men respond particularly well to as it closely resembles the friendly banter they use to express friendship amongst themselves. Remember humour is a powerful flirting tool. It’s virtually impossible to flirt successfully or enjoyably without it!

2. The Five Second Gaze & Smile

This is a powerful method of communication without words and from a distance. Fix your gaze on the ‘target’ for five seconds and then give an encouraging smile. The reaction is usually instantaneous and hopefully your ‘target’ will find the opportunity to approach you. If your strategy results in a glare remember you’ve lost nothing more than five seconds of your time and look around for someone else.

3. Flirt with people of the same level of attractiveness.

Choose your ‘target’ wisely and be honest with yourself as flirting works best between people of more or less equal good looks. However many men lack social skills expertise so if a man can boost his confidence and charm it could give him the edge over a more attractive rival!

4. Use of the ‘postural echo’!

‘Postural echoing’ is when someone unconsciously mirrors the posture of the person they are interacting with, indicating a rapport and harmony between them. Research has shown that people are not consciously aware of someone deliberately mirroring their postures and therefore you can use the ‘postural echo’ in flirting to produce a happy feeling of togetherness between you both.

Ideas for the Flirts who became a couple

Receiving cards from an unknown admirer has always been an exciting part of Valentines fun. Remember the butterflies you used to get with a new relationship and making Valentines Day yet another excuse for a passionate romp. So, what happens when your love days and the chocolates become a bit too routine?

To make this year’s Valentines Day extra special why not give the gift of time, togetherness and special care instead of expensive presents for it is a lonely to feel emotionally neglected on Valentine’s Day. Let your loved one know that he/she is important to you. On Valentines Eve maybe hide little love notes in your partner’s car or briefcase that they will find on their way to work or at work. Start Valentines Day off by watching the sunrise sipping hot coffee, followed by a shared bubble bath or shower, then indulge yourselves with a scrambled egg with smoked salmon champagne breakfast! What comes next is up to you and available time!