Is he interested in me?

Dear HillieI’m thirty three, attractive with a good job and lots of friends, but I don’t have a boyfriend and would like to meet someone. A few weeks ago I went to a ‘dating’ website. I received a reply from someone who was very keen to talk to me and it sounded like we had lots of things in common. We began e-mailing each other, got on really well, swapped photos and I suggested we meet up for a coffee. When we met it was OK but a bit awkward as I had expected it to be. Since then I have only heard from him a few times in reply to my emails to him. So I emailed that if he didn’t want me to keep sending him messages and felt that our meeting hadn’t worked out, let me know and I’d stop hassling him. He replied immediately and said he’d changed ISP’s at home and could only send emails at work which was really difficult. He sent another chatty email about a week ago but hardly anything since. I’m about to go on holiday for a week and don’t really know whether to contact him when I get back. I don’t want to pursue it if he’s not interested but I thought he was really nice and that we were well suited. We’ve been emailing each other for six weeks now and I’d like to know how he felt we got on when we met and if he wants us to become more than just cyber friends. Has he lost interest? Should I ask him or suggest meeting up again?

Hillie says:Try not to rush things. If he was disinterested he wouldn’t bother to reply to your e-mails. Most of us have suffered computer problems, which can be really frustrating and he’s told you that it’s difficult to send e-mails from work. Probably his boss doesn’t appreciate his staff sending personal e-mails during office hours. So if you want to see him again, send him a chatty e-mail and ask him out. Tell him about your holiday plans and arrange a meeting for when you return. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Be friendly, carefree and chatty when you meet and bear in mind that the second meeting is usually less awkward than the first because you’ve already met. However if it’s still awkward at least you’ll know where you stand. If all goes well lets hope he’ll ask you out next time. Either way you can’t lose. If you can be optimistic, relaxed and happy with your lot in life, boyfriends will find you. Good luck.