Dear Hillie:

I’ve had a succession of failed relationships over the past three years and wonder what I’ve been doing wrong. All my girlfriends have lived abroad or at least a hundred miles away from me. I’ve tried meeting and dating local girls but I never seem to fancy them. I really want to settle down but things are just not working out. Help!

Hillie says:

You say you want to settle down but I wonder if you really do. You could be someone who is committed to non commitment. Maybe the reason you find girls who live a ridiculously long way away from you attractive, is because subconsciously you realise that the distance between you will eventually cause the relationship to break up; meaning you won’t have to commit yourself. Being with an attractive girl who lives just around the corner would make it much harder to find excuses as to why you couldn’t commit. Just be honest with yourself and decide what you really want. It’s not a crime to prefer to stay single, but it’s dishonest to lead a partner on and deceive them as to your true intentions.