Positive Thinking

If you are someone who

  • Constantly looks for things to go wrong
  • Feels uncomfortable when things are going well
  • Often says ‘I would have if only….
  • Tends to blame others or circumstances for your misfortunes
  • Nit-picks at others’ shortcomings instead of  appreciating their good points

you are tending towards negativity.

The first step towards positivity is to recognise that things can’t go your way 100% of the time – but neither can they go against you 100% of the time. Be prepared for this and don’t become paralysed by negativity.

Six ways positively to change your life

  • Change your attitude
  • Thought-block negative thoughts
  • Be positive when you speak
  • Consider each problem as a challenge
  • Use your mind as a positive magnet
  • Change your negative patterns

Change your attitude

It is never too late to change. You can’t change others but you can change yourself. Change the way you think and talk about you and surround yourself with good and positive people. Think yourself a winner and you will be. If you constantly tell yourself you can’t do something or you are hopeless, then you are giving yourself no chance whatsoever. Change your vocabulary to I can; I will; I shall be successful; and you can move mountains, for anything is possible.

Thought-block negative thoughts

From this very second start to eliminate doubts from your mind and your conversation. Every time a negative fear enters your mind, thought-block it out. By this I mean immediately concentrate your thoughts onto other happier prospects and plans, and mentally forbid those negative doubts.

Be positive when you speak

Banish the word can’t from your vocabulary and start saying I can. Don’t talk about what you don’t want or don’t have, start talking about what you would like. Stop thinking and talking about what could go wrong in a situation, and start planning how you are going to make everything come right. Never think of failure, because by doing so you attract it. If you have a setback, welcome it as a useful learning exercise towards future success. Mistakes are just errors of judgement which anyone could have made. Remember it is better to have done something and failed, than never even have tried.

Consider each problem as a challenge

Start thinking of problems as a challenge and an opportunity to learn. If the great inventors of our time hadn’t made countless mistakes, learnt from them, made more mistakes but still progressed forward, we probably wouldn’t have advanced past the caveman era. Be enthusiastic about life and never stop striving to improve yourself until the day your very last breath!

Use your mind as a positive magnet

We have the power to attract the good or the bad in any situation. Our minds act like magnets. If you concentrate your thoughts on what you want to happen, and constantly re-create that happy scenario in your mind, it probably will. If you fear something you will automatically attract it.

Even saying the words ‘I don’t want this to happen’ can make your mind go towards it. How often have you said to yourself ‘I mustn’t dirty this clean shirt because I haven’t got another to wear for my job interview’ or ‘I must be careful not to ladder my tights because this is my last pair’ and you pretty soon spill your cup of coffee down your shirt, or accidentally rip your tights.

The same thing happens in our relationships when we are afraid of losing our partner. The very fact that we even think about losing their love and affection puts us on a dangerous course. Just concentrate on and enjoy what you have now, and leave the future to take care of itself.

Change your negative patterns

You may be someone who is always broke, always late, always in a mess, always having accidents, always has the flu three times a year or gets a headache every Sunday night; always has a drama happening in your life. You can change your way of life: you can become someone who says ‘I’m always healthy’; ‘life is good to me’; ‘life is fun’. Be positive and make plans to achieve new goals to change your finances. Stop doing everything at the last moment and re-organise yourself to have enough time to be on time. Eliminate the danger of having accidents because you are always in a rush. Banish the very idea of getting ill from your mind – it is a well known fact that many people have overcome serious illness with just sheer will-power and positive thinking. Start organising your life so that you are not stressed into living in a constant state of disorder.

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