Steve Allen on LBC – A romantic tale

This morning I was half asleep listening to Steve Allen on LBC radio when I heard a lovely story about a Chinese man Mr Wang who took his girlfriend Miss Xie to visit an aquarium and after a while left her to get some drinks. He then stunned her with a surprise proposal from inside the tank! He was holding a bunch of flowers in the water with a scroll which read ‘Please marry me!’ Mis Xie put her hands to his and kissed him through the aquarium glass as an acceptance. This romantic tale reminded me of one of the first engagements we had about 20 years through my company Dinner Dates.

Two lovely members, Peter and Cheryl, met at one of our dinner parties and began going out with each other. After a few months it was nearing Cheryl’s 40th birthday and her friends gave her a trip to Hong Kong with them to celebrate the occasion. She asked Peter to come along too but he declined because of work commitments. She set off and for many days after she had arrived tried to contact him but to no avail. On her birthday, after celebrating with her friends, she went to her room and sat on the bed and sobbed. Just then she noticed a small cardboard box beside her on the bedcovers. She opened it and inside was a paper ring with a note: ‘To be exchanged at a jeweler of your choice’. Just then there was a knock at the door; she opened it and there stood Peter dressed as a waiter carrying a tray, a bottle of champagne and two glasses. He proposed and they are still living happily ever after.

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Great story!

Uther  March 19th, 2010 at 1:47 PM

I happened to stumble across this website searching for something different, glad I stumbled into it though. Very interesting.

Daphanie  November 21st, 2010 at 2:18 AM

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