Dating married men

Dear Hillie

I have been going out with the most perfect man for me for 9 months, and he feels the same way. The problem is that he is married with two young children, and is finding it hard to leave home! I recently met a 55-year-old woman at my local health club, who has been a mistress to a married man for 20 years. Her lover always promised he would leave his wife for her, but instead he has just left her for a younger mistress of 35. I feel concerned for my future, what shall I do?

Hillie says:

Well, if you don’t want your situation to be the same in 9 years time, you had better do something about it soon. I strongly believe in fate, and it was probably a fortuitous day for you when you met this woman! I suggest that you go away for an idyllic few days with your lover, and then without any tears, tell him you are leaving for good. If he really wants to be with you he will find a way, and if he doesn’t, the sooner you are away from him the better.

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